Neustrelitz. Berlin. Dublin. Berlin.
Eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat.
Having fun, travel, live, love.

Looking for a gift? Here's my Amazon wishlist, mainly listing books I want to read.

So much for the short version. The long version is, I studied Computer Science and I'm working as a project manager and agile coach now. Always being an Agile evangelist, I'm continuously trying to improve the teams I'm working for. If you want to know more: Check out my social (and professional) network profiles.


My blog is an ongoing project. I'm continuously experimenting on this site. Additionally I'm building small websites for friends. All these projects will definitely be listed here.


While studying at the "Beuth University of Applied Sciences" (former TFH Berlin) I participated in several projects. Only the biggest of them (or at least those that can be presented online) are contained in this list.


When I was six years old, I got a "two-eighty-six". Since that time I consider myself a gamer. I played every single C&C release, played Warcraft since the very first part (Warcraft II being the first boxed release I ever bought). Siedler, Anno, Monkey Island, I played it all. So far my biggest addict... uuuh... passion remains Civilization. Read more...


My private passion for gaming is only surpassed by my professional passion for Agile. I worked in a chaotic environment with 80% fire-fighting, ad-hoc-"project management" and a planning horizon of some weeks. An environment where software was released maximum 1-2 times a week. If it worked in the live environment.

I had my share in transforming this environment into an Agile one. A great team made the software fit for continuous deployment, so me and fellow ScrumMasters could create stable and high-performing teams. Eventually we created a Scrum-by-the-book environment releasing new products with amazing speed and quality. And did I mention it was big fun?

There are lots of blogs on Agile, discussion on LinkedIn etc., so I probably won't publish a lot. But if I have inspiring thoughts on Agile, you will find them here.